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Whether you are looking for a speaker to address hundreds of guests, or a presentation for a more intimate gathering, author Madonna Treadway will captivate your audience. With rare insight, Treadway explores the long-lasting effects of childhood loss and what we can do to help our loved ones – and ourselves – heal from early trauma. Her book Six Healing Questions: A Gentle Path to Facing Childhood Loss of a Parent has been called uplifting and wise.

With disarming candor, Treadway shares her own story of losing both parents by the time she was eight years old. Her talks offer a clear, healing path forward for people at every stage of the grieving process.

A perfect keynote speaker for psychologists and counselors! Click here to reach out to Madonna Treadway to book her at your upcoming event.

“Madonna was able to take a tough subject and make it entertaining and enlightening. The audience felt hopeful and even excited for their healing journey after hearing her speak.”

Tracy Jones

Community Liaison, San Diego Memoir Writers Association

“Madonna Treadway is a powerful speaker. When she shared her story, she created an inspiring, intimate and healing space. I highly recommend her.”

Marni Freedman

Program Director, San Diego Writers Festival

What Others are Saying

“A rich and thoughtful approach to the complex topic of grief and loss, this book addresses the multifaceted and kaleidoscopic nature of the traumatic impact of parental death on children in beautiful and effective ways. The author skillfully weaves raw emotions, process, coping tools, and resources to gently move the reader from exploration and feeling to understanding and adaptation. I would highly recommend this book to professionals and families facing the enormity of childhood loss of a parent.”

—Azmaira H. Maker, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Consultant
Founder and Director, Aspiring Families, Center for Mental Health and Wellness
Author of the award-winning children’s book Where Did My Friend Go? Helping Children Cope With a Traumatic Death

Madonna Treadway has done a remarkable job of blending her own astonishing story with insights from experts, along with suggested activities for readers to delve into and move through their own experiences of grief. Her candid reports of her own process are both moving and inspiring. She has organized the book brilliantly into six questions that guide readers into their own healing journey. The book presents research and current theory in an accessible and compelling read. Treadway has made a valuable contribution to this field of grief healing.”
Susan Page, author of Why Talking Is Not Enough


Six Healing Questions is a book whose time has come! Madonna shares research, her own and other’s stories, and most important of all, a creative and affirming path through this challenging and often ignored set of life events. In her inimitable way, she points us toward our own healing…while gently holding our hand through the entire journey. She shares practical and easy to use techniques designed with our human and spiritual growth in mind. Madonna’s Treadway’s Six Healing Questions is hope in book form.”

Lynn Cooper, founder of the MIRRORS Project, inspirational speaker/writer/coach

This is a beautifully written, well-researched book with tons of exercises and meditations that will take you up and down, and then down and up, the grief spiral. The intimate, honest, vulnerable tone of the narrator takes us by the hand and leads us through her life and her life’s work to help others facing the loss of a parent. You feel hugged and taken care of as you dig deeper and unravel old feelings that may have been stuffed away for years and years. Even though the focus is on childhood loss of a parent, I feel anyone that is grieving would appreciate this book and learn coping skills and the reassurance that grief brings gifts and that there is always hope. I would highly recommend this book to anyone new to grief (from a loss of a pet to parent) or someone struggling with childhood wounds.”

Tracy Jones, community liaison, San Diego Memoir Writers Association

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